Our Mission


Our Mission

  • The mission is to create an environment where equal importance is given to theory and practical approach to learning.

  • A school where students have the freedom that they naturally deserve while growing up.

  • Much is required of those who have had much while growing up. A school where kids realize that all the the privilege that they have is not of their own making and that they have a duty towards the citizens of the world, to the immense humanity and history.

  • A school where inter-disciplinary pedagogical models are developed. Social Science education can be made much more appealing and fun through practical and visual aids.

  • A school where students are introduced to the great minds of the world at an early stage.

  • Where Leonardo da Vinci, the virtuoso man, the polymath and the visionary is the idol.

  • Where an artist feels at ease solving logical problems and a poet feels a natural proclivity for the matters of international relations.

  • A school where everyone can become what they have held the promise for and where children can discover their latent potential.

  • A school where kids are encouraged to see the economics behind chemical research, the link between geographical changes and historical movement of men across the globe.

  • A school where there is no bias towards any subject and everything is illustrated with unprecedented enthusiasm.

    • Let kids fly free.