Gyanvihar School

Welcome to  Gyan Vihar

One of the Best Schools in Jaipur

Nourishing young minds since 1994

Sunil sharma

- Our Mission -
"The mission is to create an environment where equal importance
is given to theory and practical approach to learning. Let kids fly free."

Cultural dance

- Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence -
Gyan Vihar owes its existence to the vision of eminent educationist and
philanthropist Sh. Suresh Sharma whose foresight was revolutionary quest for
excellence was persistent, thirst for knowledge was insatiable and a passion for
growth was limitless.

Cultural dance

- Digital Learning -
Classrooms enabled with smartboard
multimedia learning resources
to make learning easier & better

Cultural dance

- Fitness & Sports -
Working on the holistic development of the child
striving for excellence
in Sports


A Window into Gyan Vihar

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Gyan Vihar is the culmination of Late Shri Suresh Sharma's beliefs, conviction and philosophy that good education moulds a human being into a virtuous and well rounded individual on whose shoulders lies the onus of a creating a civil and just world.

Imperative to nation building, education must first and foremost build character. With these views the journey that began in the late 30s came to fruition in the year 1994 in the form of Gyan Vihar School, a revolutionary place of study which lives by the motto of "Kids fly free".

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Learning English Program

Podcasts - Gyan Vihar Radio Station

Let your child be part of a great student community

Gyan Vihar envisions an education system that breeds inspiration and innovation, it kindles the dormant forces, faculties and talents of the students. We provide a platform for children where they can shed off their inhibitions and turn into confident citizens for the future. The sense of belonging begins in the school and lasts a life time.

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