Our Vision


While the current crop of science education interventions stays glued with audio-visual aids, We are trying to bring the real world to the classroom. We are stirring and stimulating the kids, encouraging them to break free, to question and to explore their creativity. We are not forcing facts on unwilling minds; we are putting together a concerted effort to make them love science.

Audio-Visual simulations are, at the end of the day, only simulations. Imagine a classroom where students can touch machines, see them working, have an expert speak about their working and then have an instructor trying to link the phenomenon to textbook science. Imagine instructors coming in with musical instruments and explaining to the students, the physics of sound and melodies after an hour of actually playing those instruments. Better still, imagine experts asking students to spin or swing the cricket ball, dip/bend a football, loop a basketball, whip out crackling tennis serve, provide backspin to a Ping-Pong ball, or do a headstand. Then after students would have basked in the glory of outdoor/indoor sport for an entire hour, breaking it to them that the very physical feats they achieved were the erstwhile ‘boring’ physics, chemistry and biology, at work. A class where students’ voice is not stifled, where their views are not ridiculed and where their questions are celebrated. A class where the instructor is nothing but a facilitator, who is there only to try to unearth the unbridled packages of talent and creativity that kids are, not to ‘discipline them’.